Cyp by Ultima Pharmaceuticals

Cyp by Ultima Pharmaceuticals
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Dynamic Substance Test Cypionate

Packs 10 ml (250mg/ml)

Being an ester of testosterone, it is pure testosterone with a derivation in cypionate ester, which offers benefit by its action up to 3 weeks.


It progresses generally that you expect from injectable testosterone: fit muscle improvement and protection, fat setback, extended bone thickness, and speed increase of nitrogen support.

While stacking, Ultima CYP is used to invigorate and work on other anabolic. It can elevate anabolic activity of satellite cells, which stimulates revamping of the muscle tissue.

Test cypionate is used even more effectively during the structure cycle, but can used for cut as well.

Exceptional characteristics among other testosterone injectables

It has moderate speed of conveyance and postponed half life in assessment with various tests.

Ultima CYP shows up at its top in 2 days and the effect perseveres inside something like fourteen days, and hazy spots away inside 3 weeks.

Enanthate versus Cypionate

There exists a goody that enanthate and cypionate are different in their sufficiency or half-life. To be sure, they are essentially unclear eventually and viable during one cycle.

Instrument of action

It fights catabolic glucocorticoid chemicals and constructs red platelet creation to keep your muscles ceaselessly create. It creates extra oxygenation in blood, which raises the idea of recovery.

It supports association of glycogen, which includes limit objections of the body. As such, you get a great deal of energy, much perseverance, much quality. It speeds up fat setback by stimulating processing.

Test cypionate is known to develop the period of motor neurons and animate neuromuscular transmission.

The to wrap things up, Test cypionate takes part in stimulating creatine separate into adenosine diphosphate, which gives more energy to muscles.

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